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Hey everybody,

Please see video below for what’s up with me!

Have a listen to some of my music!

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Hello everybody,

A short one today I’m v. busy. Two days ago I was very tired after doing a lot and praying a lot. So when it came to bedtime prayers I was very tired. (Every morning I pray and read the Bible before getting out of bed and every night I pray and read the Bible before I go to sleep).

So I decided that that night I would try something different as I was exhausted physically and emotionally. I invited Jesus to come and sit on the bed with me and listen to Christian music with me. Music that I wrote actually and just meditated on the lyrics, what they mean, what I can do better, how can I use these, the themes, reflecting on my relationship with Jesus, where we have been and asking Jesus questions.

I found it refreshing just to meditate in Jesus’ presence. The stress just washed off me and I don’t remember when I fell asleep! 

Try it. Put on some Christian music, if you write Christian music and it’s recorded put it on! Invite God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit to come and sit with you, meditate on God, ask Jesus questions and bask in the Holy Spirit.

Much love,


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Hey guys!

So sorry I didn’t do a post last week I was ill!

Here’s what I’ve been up to lately!


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I’ve been going from Essex to Kent quite a bit, that’s because I have finally started my PhD in music.

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I’m going to be studying female worship leaders like myself, looking at what, if any, impact they have on congregations attitudes towards women, women in leadership, women’s rights and just looking at gender inclusiveness within the Evangelical church.

I’m totally excited and I’m going to take you, the readers, on this journey with me!

Watch this space!


Lots of love

Dr. Catherine Waithe-Arnold elect (hehe)

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