Good afternoon!

Did you know I have a Contact Me page? (Follow this link to my Contact Me page) No? Well… I have a Contact Me page lol (Follow this link to my Contact Me page).

I created it in the event that if you are interested in anything you see on this site you, you have any questions/comments or you wish to hire me (for music tuition, composing/arranging/producing, harping) you can contact me!

No need to be scared, I’ve dropped the form I had and put my email address there instead.

Check it out! (Follow this link to my Contact Me page)


We can also connect through social media:

SoundCloud – Catherine Waithe-Arnold

Facebook – Catherine Waithe-Arnold Music

LinkedIn – Catherine Waithe-Arnold

YouTube – Catherine Waithe-Arnold

Twitter – @CatherineW_A

Instagram – @catherinewaithe.arnoldmusic




More Sketches!

This morning I had great fun going through all of my old artwork and I found some old sketches and thought “hey! I’ll upload these!”…then…I did lol. I scanned them in then added a few effects, I hope you like them!


Also, if you like anything or would like to discuss anything you see on my website drop me some feedback HERE or leave a comment at the bottom of the page 🙂