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Hello Y’all!

Here’s an update on what I’ve been doing so far with my PhD (follow this link to find out more)

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Love Catherine x

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Lovely sky today!

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Look what Cat is up too! [Video] – #freelance #musician #phdlife #musicology #theology

Hey everybody,

(Yes a privileged few get to call me Cat. Everybody else calls me Catherine.) I’ve decided to do a video as I’m ridiculously busy lol. Sorry it’s really quiet you’ll have to turn up your volume I didn’t want the whole station to hear me lol. Enjoy!

Catherine x

5 Top Tips To Stay Healthy For People Who Sit Down All Day

Hello everybody,

So as I said I am quite busy at the moment with my work and have been thinking about physical exercise.

I’ve been writing a lot and this means that I have been less physically active. Which means that I have been forcing myself to exercise more than I normally would to make up for it.

So here’s 5 things that I’ve been doing to keep healthy when I have to sit down quite a lot:


  • Don’t sit down all day

Try and get up and walk around, even when you don’t have to. Just to move your legs.


  • Eat less

Match your calories to the amount of physical exercise you do. You do not need a Full English Breakfast if all you’re going to do is walk to the office and sit down all day. You don’t need that many calories. I’ve thought for a long time that cereal is a con actually. Especially for those of us in the West, we don’t work the fields any more (most of us) and so we do not need that massive amount of carbs every morning, it’s not necessary. Go cold turkey from cereal from time, you will see the results really quickly and the weight will drop off you. I’ve actually stopped having cereal on a regular basis and this started from last year. I lost puppy fat I didn’t even realise was puppy fat that I was just maintaining from having cereal as a habit/tradition and not necessarily something that I needed.


  • Light exercise twice a day

In the morning do stretches, pull ups, crunches, skipping, run up and down your stairs (CAREFULLY), just so you do something to get the metabolism going in the morning. In the evening this can be for heavier exercise if you don’t have time in the morning, lift some weights, go for a run, it also helps me feel tired in the evening so you get a good sleep. Obviously give it a rest from time to time you can’t exercise alll the time.


  • Drink Water

Just drink lots of water, you need at least 2 litres of liquid a day.


  • Pray and read your Bible

Someone who is mentally fit is more likely to be physically fit! Reading your Bible is about improving your well-being. Do it!

1 Timothy 4:8-9 [NLT] – “[8] “Physical training is good, but training for godliness is much better, promising benefits in this life and in the life to come.” [9] This is a trustworthy saying, and everyone should accept it.”


Hope that helps!

Catherine x

I Am Super Busy Guys! – #phdlife #freelancemusician #student #feminist #musicology

Hey Everybody,

It’s crunch time with the PhD, I’m reaaaaaaaaaaaaly busy. So yeah I haven’t been checking my emails lately. I saw a message that I got a couple of comments, so sorry I missed them. I wasn’t ignoring you! I’ll get around to responding when I’m less snowed under. Christmas time and early Jan have been very busy and I’ve just hit the ground running.

I’m doing 2000+ words a day this is not easy people.

I would quite like a holiday to recover from this holiday and somehow get loads of work done at the same time lol.

For now please enjoy this little video (the instagram box below my name) of me in a bathroom at a wedding, my voice is horse from singing so much on New Years Eve (follow this link to find out more about that). The video seemed like a good idea at the time… Well that’s all I can afford to muster today kids! *goes back to work*.

If that’s too short here’s footage from my gig last year, a time when I was less busy! lol. Follow this link or play in the embedded player below:

Catherine x

I’M WORKING ON #NEWMUSIC ! #np #soundcloud #hiphop #composer #freelancer #musician #music teacher #phdlife

Hey everybody!

So I’m working on a song for my PhD project. This song is basically about the conversation I had with Jesus whilst I was on my hospital bed when I had to take time out from my studies.
Here’s a snippet of what I’m up to enjoy!

Listen to Work in Progress – Hip-Hop (follow this link or play in the embedded player below)

Love Catherine x

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Guess where I am! On a #date with #Jesus #cheekynandos

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#New Ways To #Pray #Christian #Jesus

Hello everybody,

A short one today I’m v. busy. Two days ago I was very tired after doing a lot and praying a lot. So when it came to bedtime prayers I was very tired. (Every morning I pray and read the Bible before getting out of bed and every night I pray and read the Bible before I go to sleep).

So I decided that that night I would try something different as I was exhausted physically and emotionally. I invited Jesus to come and sit on the bed with me and listen to Christian music with me. Music that I wrote actually and just meditated on the lyrics, what they mean, what I can do better, how can I use these, the themes, reflecting on my relationship with Jesus, where we have been and asking Jesus questions.

I found it refreshing just to meditate in Jesus’ presence. The stress just washed off me and I don’t remember when I fell asleep! 

Try it. Put on some Christian music, if you write Christian music and it’s recorded put it on! Invite God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit to come and sit with you, meditate on God, ask Jesus questions and bask in the Holy Spirit.

Much love,



Good afternoon!

Did you know I have a Contact Me page? (Follow this link to my Contact Me page) No? Well… I have a Contact Me page lol (Follow this link to my Contact Me page).

I created it in the event that if you are interested in anything you see on this site you, you have any questions/comments or you wish to hire me (for music tuition, composing/arranging/producing, harping) you can contact me!

No need to be scared, I’ve dropped the form I had and put my email address there instead.

Check it out! (Follow this link to my Contact Me page)


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#Book recommendation: Sisters in the Wilderness! #PhD #education

Hey everybody,

Man it’s been hot in the UK lately. Twas like the scorching a thousand suns! Another quick one!

Basically, I’ve been really busy doing research for my PhD. I’ve been reading a book about womanist theologies, apparently a womanist is a feminist who is a woman of colour, usually particularly interested in advancing the causes of her people but is for the advancement of men and women. I’ve also been learning about the impact that slavery has had on the African-American psyche. All very interesting. I recommend “Sisters in the Wilderness” by Delores S. Williams for more information on that subject matter.

Once I get an opportunity to pry myself from my work for a bit longer I’ll post another long piece!
Lots of love Catherine


Latest findings of my #phd

Hello everybody!

Just keeping you up to date with what I’m doing regarding my PhD.

So two weeks ago I visited a church that my friend goes to called The Gospel Centre in Wood Green N8. Yeah it was totally great I had a really good time the people were friendly as well.

Here’s what I learned:

  • The person who greeted me at the door was a man
  • The people who greeted me the most were men
  • Their lead pastor was a man
  • They have male as well as female worship leaders
  • Their worship sessions are split into two sections
  • They will happily have a male lead one section and a female lead another section
  • The worship leader is not necessarily placed at the front of the ensemble
  • They had two female singers, neither played instruments
  • All the male members of the worship group I saw that Sunday played instruments
  • There were more male than female members in the group that Sunday
  • The female members were placed in the centre of the ensemble
  • They had no bass guitar but the lower end of the piano, the EQ on the rhythm guitar and the trumpet covered the wavelengths that the bass guitar would have otherwise occupied
  • After church the female worship leader lead and rehearsed the choir
  • The female worship leader did not play any instruments when leading the choir
  • The female worship leader relied upon a male musician to accompany the choir
  • All but 1 of the soloists were female
  • The choir contained more women than men
    • Possibly because this was a musical opportunity that did not require the participants to play instruments and from going on what I saw it appeared as though more men played instruments than women and I was told that the church in general was enthusiastic about music but lacked lacked musical ability
  • The women were more timid singers than the men
  • The male members of the choir led the female members, as the females relied upon them to know when to come in
  • The female members of the choir were better singers than the men
  • Despite the above point and there being less men in the choir, then men sang the loudest
  • No women played instruments that Sunday
  • The female worship leader knew how to operate the sound desk, typically a job done by men
  • The female worship leader, although lacking in practical musicianship skills had good management skills, accompanied with a reasonable level of musical knowledge of harmony and timing, making her still an effective choir master
  • The female worship leader was personable and I was reliably informed that she worked very hard with the choir to get them to the standard that they were.
  • The female worship leader was assertive, wore trousers and was African-Caribbean.
  • The female worship leader was educated and had a job
  • The ethnic mix of the church was about 50:50 Caucasian to non-Caucasian
  • All of the melody instruments were played by Caucasian men and all of the rhythm instruments were all played by African-Caribbean men giving in to ethnic stereotyping.
  • They had times of ambient worship, where there was no singing but giving people space to commune with God, in their own way. I liked this and I will try and incorporate this into worship sets at my church.



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Hey guys,

I believe that God never wastes our time. We waste His time frequently but God in His mercy and diligence does not do that to us. In fact, it says in Psalm 103:13-16 [NLT]

[13] The LORD is like a father to his children, tender and compassionate to those who fear him. [14] For he knows how weak we are; he remembers we are only dust. [15] Our days on earth are like grass; like wildflowers, we bloom and die. [16] The wind blows, and we are gone- as though we had never been here.

Off the back of that, last week I felt God telling me to not bother to wear makeup to my meeting with my PhD supervisor, which was supposed to take place this week. So I went with it! 

I went to Kent this week to see my supervisor as planned. When I got to university I saw these young people walking around with stuck on nametags looking lost and they obviously didn’t go to the university. I carried on to my supervisors office and to my surprise he wasn’t in his office! I’m like gah! I’ve come all this way! (I live in Essex btw).

So I’m standing in the hallway waiting and hoping that my supervisor would turn up and I see a guy sitting on a bench eating his lunch in the green area outside. It was actually sunny that day!

I thought, that’s funny, most people eat inside in the canteen or the cafe or the students union. I noticed There was a peacefulness about this guy. 

I thought “That guy had the right idea, sitting outside right now is a good idea!” So I decided to go out and sit with him, I also felt a little sorry for him bring by himself, as he was obviously a visitor to the university, as evidenced by the fact that he wasn’t eating in the canteen like everyone else. Also, I thought it would be nice to email my supervisor outside in the sun instead of inside.

So I went outside and sat on the bench under the tree with him. Having been to university not once, not twice but three times now, I know what it’s like to go to a university campus, get lost and not know anyone. So I couldn’t help but talk to him because that’s what I would have appreciated when I was a Fresher. I just wanted to double check that he wasn’t lost and so on.

Turned out he was one of the people with the sticker nametags that I saw earlier. He was an A-level student, Asian and his name was Abraham. Turned out he was a Christian and I’m a Christian and he was there for an interview. He also went to an Asian Pentecostal church in South London. My church is in South London! I was telling him about what my PhD is about and He was telling me about what he wanted to do. We talked about the modern church, women in leadership and current trends in worship and liturgy. It was great! All of this was happening whist I was supposed to be having a meeting, which I rescheduled with my supervisor, who had gotten the wrong date.

In the end I prayed for Abraham for his interview and after praying for him he went to his interview and I went back to the station.

Now, I don’t believe that that was a wasted journey. God took me all the way from Essex to Kent just to pray for that young man then go home and if that was what God wanted them so be it.

I am personally relived and thankful that God used me in that way. It shows trust. Think about it. Could God not have gotten someone closer, who actually lived in that county to pray for Abraham? God wanted to teach me something and Abraham something.

The lesson is:


I had to be those things in order to be there spiritually for another person when God needed me to be. I’m still a work in progress like everyone else though.

Those traits, like talking to lonely people, come from relationship with Jesus. You take on His personality traits, the more you spend time with Him. This can be in the form of simple things like reading your Bible every morning before you get out of bed and every evening before you go to sleep.

Building a relationship with God with the same diligence as you would with a boyfriend or a girlfriend, makes God begin to use you. I am guilty, like everyone else, of wasting me and Jesus’ bonding time. I repent and in Gods mercy He makes good use of my time doing things like the above. 

My journey was not a waste of time because whenever you do what God wants you to do you grow as a person and are more useful to society because of it. Life is just about doing what God wants you to do.

So don’t waste anymore of your or Gods time because as it says in 1 Chronicles 29:15 [NLT]

[15] We are here for only a moment, visitors and strangers in the land as our ancestors were before us. Our days on earth are like a passing shadow, gone so soon without a trace.

So we have no time at all to waste!


Catherine x


My makeup is expensive and it would have been a waste to wear it to a meeting that didn’t happen!