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Hey everybody!

So I’m working on a song for my PhD project. This song is basically about the conversation I had with Jesus whilst I was on my hospital bed when I had to take time out from my studies.
Here’s a snippet of what I’m up to enjoy!

Listen to Work in Progress – Hip-Hop (follow this link or play in the embedded player below)

Love Catherine x

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Guess where I am! On a #date with #Jesus #cheekynandos

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Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis Presley Arr. C. Waithe-Arnold #instrumental #music #Elvis

Hey Tribe!

How is it going? I’ve been sitting on this arrangement for a while but I finally got release to present it to you 🙂 This arrangement is very delicate and I hope you enjoy it!

Click here to listen to the original

Click here to listen to mine or play it in the embedded player below:

Click here to listen to the whole Orchestral Arrangements playlist or play it in the embedded player below:


Lots of Love

Catherine  x

What It Is To Burn by #Finch Arr. C. Waithe-Arnold #instrumentalcover #orchestral #freelance #musician #musicteacher

Hey Guys!

I did a new instrumental cover! See the others here on my Orchestrations & Arrangements page.

The song I covered this time round is called ‘What It Is To Burn’ by a band called Finch. I used to listen to this song all the time when I was a teenager. At that age I used to listen to quite a bit of alternative music (I still do now but not as much). I was also in a power metal band (hah hah! yes it’s true! I was rhythm guitar! N.B. the lead singer of Finch also looked a bit like our drummer). Moreover, I wore baggy jeans with chains and those stupid multi-coloured rubber band bracelet things… I do believe that the look was called Grunge?

(Pic 1.) Here’s a picture of me as a teenager then: (This is a picture of an actual picture, that’s what we did back then, took photos with cameras not phones, then took the film to a shop and got it developed lol)
(Pic 2.) Here’s what I look like now: (Fun Fact: The dress I’m wearing in this photo is actually my prom dress from when I was 16. 2 years ago, when that photo was taken, I wore it again. Wow I’m revisiting everything today!)


I still have the same DNA but over time preferences modify as we mature! I think that’s what I’m trying to get at in this post, people change with time and I think the way I covered the song exemplifies this, showing the type of music I USED TO LIKE vs the type of music that I CHOOSE TO MAKE AND LISTEN TO NOW. I still enjoy the song however!

Click here to listen to the original or play it in the embedded player below:


Click here to listen to my instrumental cover or play it in the embedded player below:
Want to listen to the whole instrumental covers playlist? Click here to go to my SoundCloud profile or listen to the playlist in the embedded player below:


Lots of love and leave comments! Maybe even some suggestions of songs you that would like me do instrumentals of?

Catherine x

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-Update 15/09/16-

This piece seems to be doing well on my SoundCloud profile so I decided to reblog this post

Catherine x

Hey Guys!,

I took a well deserved break from doing instrumental covers to let you know about the other things that I’ve been doing! Click the hashtags to find out 🙂 #worshipleader #childrenswork and #singingfromthebible.

Today I give you a Harp and Strings cover of ‘I Will Always Return Soundtrack Version (End Title)’ by Bryan Adams. This song is so touching and from a touching film called Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron, a film which makes me cry lol, anyway, I tried to capture that in this cover. I hope you like it 🙂

Click here to listen to the original or play it in the embedded player below:

Click here to listen to my version or play it in the embedded player below:


Wanna listen to the whole playlist so far? Here you go! Click here to go to the playlist or play it in the embedded player below. Don’t forget to visit my Orchestrations and Arrangements page!


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Lots of love

Catherine Waithe-Arnold x

Owl City Arr. Catherine Waithe-Arnold

-Update- 27/06/16

See my ‘Orchestrations & Arrangements’ page for the score to this piece.

Hey guys!,

Did you know that one of my skills is Orchestration? (check out my new page here)  I actually do it all the time lol. I didn’t even realise that it was a skill until someone pointed it out to me hah hah *updates CV*. In fact, nearly all of my original orchestral compositions, (which can be found on my SoundCloud), started out as pieces for the Acoustic Guitar and Solo Soprano voice which I then expanded out into an orchestral score, you didn’t know that did you? heh.

Anyway, so I’ve decided to create orchestrations from time to time just to show people what I can do and share the scores as well, let’s have a listen to this one:

Meteor Shower by Owl City, I have two versions, one with beats, one without, enjoy 🙂

Step 1: Listen to the original.


Step 2: Now listen to mine


Step 3: Reflect and leave a comment below or contact me 🙂

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Score Teaser


Lots of love,

Catherine x