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Hey everybody!

A short one today, here’s a playlist of the songs that you guys have been listening to regularly this year enjoy! Follow this link to play or use the embedded player below:

Shall we see if next year you guys can knock ‘I Will Always Return” off the top? It’s got over 2K plays so you gotta listen to lots of my music lots of times lets see if you can do it! 😛

Also, people have been watching ‘Sea Of Forgetfulness’ a lot on my YouTube channel (follow this link to check out my channel), Here’s the song: Follow this link to play or use the embedded player below:


Also, here’s some other stuff I have been doing! Tune in next week to hear my Christmas song! hehe 🙂 Follow this link to play or use the embedded player below:


Lots of love Catherine! ( the thing below is a short video enjoy 😉 )



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Hey guys,

I’m taking a break from making music, to talk to you about the other exciting freelance musical things that I do! If you wish to contact me please visit my Contact Page

One of the great things about freelancing is that you get to choose your own hours and projects. You also get the privilege to diversify and work on things that you are genuinely passionate about! For example, I make harp songs in my own time’ see the embedded player below or click this link to go to my SoundCloud playlist

I love where my freelance work takes me!

I’m often challenging myself, meeting new people, overcoming something, learning something new about myself and the world and of course I’m loving that Jesus is always with me. I know that with Jesus, my journeys are so much more fulfilling.

Holistic Harp Lesson

Last week it was my pleasure to get involved in a project that has been on my heart in the making for some time, something that I have an almighty heart for, a holistic harp lesson. This was, essentially, a music lesson as a means of therapy 🙂

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We went through harp basics which included: a general overview of the harps construction, what the different parts do, how you string it, basic technique, what the music looks like and we even got to play some sheet music as well!

The highlight for me was seeing the look on her face as I taught her to do the one thing that everyone always wants to do on a harp, a glissando of course! Everyone smiles and I mean everrrryone smiles when they get to try that out!

At one point I was asked to give a little demonstration, so I made up a song on the spot. This was fun but challenging because I had two people watching me and one of them was filming me on their phone. I just went with the flow and listened to Jesus!

Concluding thoughts

I love freelancing, as usual I got to meet new people, go somewhere I’ve never been before and challenge myself. I was totally in my element and in the moment, my student was totally positive and it was just great!

It always astounds me how many people, upon hearing me say that I play and own a harp, say that it’s their lifelong dream to be able to play the harp. It’s like no one ever mentions it because they don’t think that they will ever get the opportunity to do so. Well, that day was proof that, if you know me, you may well get to play on a harp someday!

I’ve also realised from this experience that it is important to not just use the skills, equipment and working conditions that Jesus has given us as a means of supporting ourselves but to also use them to contribute towards the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of others, which is one of the most rewarding things you can do with your skills! Trust me.

Lots of love
Catherine x