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Hi guys,

Today was odd. 

I wrote a song click here to listen to it or use the embedded player below:

So today I was supposed to go to Kent for an important meeting (I’ll tell you about this later). I pre booked my tickets to go from station A, went to bed on time got all my stuff ready and pue booked the taxi to go to the station.

Come this morning I’m up at the right time, I manage to sort out the dogs and everything all before 8.30am in the morning!

Then the time for the cab comes and goes. I call them, taxi company A say they are stuck in traffic when I call them. Then things get really close to when my train is going to come and out of desperation I knock at my neighbors house – she’s not in. I then start walking to the station (30-40 min walk away) I was still going to miss my train realistically.

I get a call back from taxi company A saying they are not coming and also no trains are running from station A.

I then stop at a post box and call a taxi from company B asking then to take me to station B. They do and the cab man wisely says 

“There are rail strikes why don’t I stay here you look in the station to see of is closed if it is I’ll rake you home or to another station.”

I agree, I go in the barriers are up and the ticket office is closed.

I then think to myself, if station B is closed that means that Station C, D sms E will also be closed because they are before B on the same line so I can’t go to them either.

So I run back to the taxi and ask them to take me to station B. I’m looking at the rail app and seeing in real time that Station A is closed. I look at station B and in 5 minutes if driving station B closes.

The taxi driver suggested I cancel my meeting. I agree and send the necessary emails and things get rearranged.

I’m now very stressed so I ask the taxi diver to take me to town A where station A is because my favorite coffee shop is there and I needed to sit down with a hot chocolate, with marshmallows and cream, in a  warm corner of said coffee shop with no one bothering me.

Taxi driver drops me off

I go to to the offee shop and have some issues. Someone’s in my favorite seat, they had no soya milk for my soya hot chocolate, they had no gluten free cake. I flirted with the guy no 1 of 2 behind the counter. He ignored me but his colleague guy no 2 of 2  gave me the eyes which made me feel happy! (how am I going to find a husband if I don’t flirt with anyone hmmm?) Anyway, so I decided to just eat normal cake, have a normal hot chocolate and eat a chicken fajitas with cheese. That’s the most carbs in one go I’ve had on a while.

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There were people hogging seats. Seats that could have gone to many people only 2 people were sitting at, it was ridiculous. I still got a seat and people watched whilst I ate 🙂 

My hot chocolate wasn’t hot though..

Anyway, so I eventually left and went to taxi firm C to go home. Whilst in the waiting area, an old Caucasian lady starts talking to me about how much she appreciates ethnic diversity and that people should stop bombing each other. Then a Turkish man comes out of the taxi office and jobs in the conversation. Then the old lady hugged me! I just smiled and nodded as a random person proceeded to touch me…

It is true that town A, due to its proximity to London in quite ethnically diverse, I mean honestly a Turkish man, an elderly Irish lady and a Caribbean young woman were standing having a conversation and not killing each other. That is brilliant and from God. The taxi driver from firm C that is in town A put up the heat in the car because I was cold then took me home.

When I got home I proceeded to do what I love doing. I cleaned the kitchen, played with the dogs, made a smoothie and finished a song and hung out with Jesus.

I shared this story because I wanted you guys to realise that I am human and we are all human, we have or days when things go topsy turvy but just remember hold onto your principles, keep on believing Jesus and let Him take control!

Love Catherine x

P.S. I still love Costa Coffee 😛


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Hey guys! 

Happy New Year!

What did you get up to on New Year’s Eve?

I decided to start the year as I intended to continue, right where I belong, in church! My church had a joint service on New Year’s Eve with the Brazilian church that rents from us. It started at 22.30 and ran into New Year’s Day, with a bring and share meal at the end. 

The service was bilingual, (English and Portuguese), it was great! 

As the Pastor of Music for our church, I led our worship set and also played my harp in the joint worship set on New Year’s Day. I really enjoyed myself!

Another thing I liked about New Year’s Eve was that I got to collaborate with people from different cultures and musical backgrounds! Experiences like that are incredibly precious and to be cherishe, you never know what you might learn!

Concluding thoughts on my evening? It’s good to be in Gods house! If you don’t know Jesus a your Lord and savior, perhaps make it your New Year’s resolution to find out? I suggest you talk to your Christian friends and make an effort to go to church to see what Jesus is all about! I can personally say that Jesus transforms my life everyday! Try Jesus this year!

Much Love

Catherine x

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Hey Guys & Gals!

I feel really strongly about what I’m about to tell you…

So the other day I got a mini cab to take me back home from the music school I work at part time, after I was done teaching the flute, clarinet and alto saxophone (which is super rewarding by the way see this old blog post for examples of what I do).

Anyway so I got in the cab, same as usual and we started moving on my way back home, same as usual.

Then suddenly! The guy starts saying something in an overexcited and agitated way, I’m like “what?” and he pulls in and parks and starts talking. At this point I’m confused and worried, I don’t know what’s going on, I just want to go home and I wasn’t sure whether we had broken down or not. All I know is I am a single young women and my male taxi driver has decided to take it upon himself to deviate from the route he has been directed/contracted to go. I felt so incredibly vulnerable.

At first I genuinely couldn’t understand what he was saying because his accent was so heavy. Eventually he spoke a tiny bit slower and said “Just two minutes, I want two minutes to pray”. I said “I’ve got to go home”. At this point he’s still not even making any attempt to move the car an it was clear to me that I didn’t have any choice. I did not have any control of the vehicle because it was not mine, I wasn’t very agile as I had an instrument with me as well as shopping and I certainly do not have the upper body strength to even appear the least bit threatening.

I  felt so vulnerable and trapped and I thought if this guy was to just lock the door and drive off where ever with me he could, my position of client was usurped and my choice was taken away from me.

I said to the guy “are you going to take those two minutes off the bill?” and he said “yes” then I said”ok”. I would just like to point out at this point that all of this happened whilst he was parked. He didn’t ask me if we could stop he just stopped.

Now, once I had agreed to do what he wanted me to he got out of the car and got something out of the boot. I didn’t see it but I can only assume that it was a prayer mat which he proceeded to put on the side walk and pray on. He then did something with the boot again, closed it, then got back in the car and proceeded to take me home.

After I got over being scared I was soo livid. However, as a Christian, I remembered what Jesus said about forgiving people and I tried to just calm down and meet the guy where he was at and I tried to have a jovial conversation with him afterwards about diesel versus petrol.

Now, there are several things that were seriously wrong with that story. One: I have a faith too, I pray too, I do that in my own time, not when I am in the middle of a contract that is live. I talk to Jesus in my head on the go or I find a quiet time and place, when I am not needed, to go and talk to Jesus. I exercise my faith on and in my time not other peoples because I don’t think that it is always necessary or constructive to do so.

Two: Men need to be aware of how sometimes their actions can seem threatening to women. Think about it. I am a young woman, I was alone in the taxi, he just deviated from the route without asking if it was ok. He then corners me emotionally and starts half arguing with me when we had already stopped. I was physically outnumbered in terms of operating the machinery which I needed to get home, as well as being physically incapable of overpowering the man or appearing the least bit intimidating. If I was a man and not a young woman carrying shopping and a flute he would never have stopped.

Three: He broke contract by what he did, unless he broke down or there was some real issue as to why he needed to stop, he should never have stopped.

Four: I should have said no.

I’m really upset by what happened and I simply will not be ever taking that taxi company ever again. If it was a Christian taxi driver and the man drove the taxi to the side, parked and then started half arguing with his female passenger asking if he could pray for two minutes she would have called the police. Like I should have done.

In the end he took two pounds off the bill, I personally don’t think I should have had to pay for that trip at all because as far as I was concerned, he broke contract.

Moreover, honestly, when did it become ok to abduct women in cabs? Because the moment he went his own way and wouldn’t move in accordance with my wishes, that is what he had done. He had actually abducted me. What he did was so illegal.

If that ever happens again, I’m going to get out of the taxi and walk back to the nearest safe place and get another taxi or bus or ask someone to pick me up from there because I’m not having this. One hears too many tales of women getting abducted and raped by rogue taxi drivers to be putting up with this stupidness. He could have been getting anything out of his boot? He could have just been lying.

This will never happen again, be vigilant!


Your’s Catherine x