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Just thought I would feedback from last weekend!

Yeah totally had a great and awesome time playing with everybody! If you are interested in me harping for you head to my other website: www.ridethefaderproductions.com and drop me an email at catherine@ridethefaderproductions.com

Back-story, my friend Sally Cranham (read about her project Feathers and Whirlwinds here) contacted me a month ago about something going on at Pilgrims Hall again. Sally invited me to play there before! Last time I played my Clarinet as well as my harp!

I took a picture of my feet!

I have an electro-acoustic harp, basically, it’s the same principle as an acoustic guitar, it’s an acoustic instrument that it has a pick-up in it. That means that it can be amplified the same as an acoustic guitar. That also means I can plug it into an effects pedal and I have!! Hehehehe.

Yeah it was totally awesome people were really into the music we played and most importantly we all worshipped God! It was the 50th anniversary celebration of Pilgrims Hall which is a Christian retreat and counselling/training centre.

The man who preached was bang on point with his theology I really enjoyed it! I must confess this is the first time I have ever restrung my harp before a gig by myself but Jesus helped me to do it. It’s not easy by the way…..

There is a nuance to playing the harp in a band. The clips will show you that I am not playing all the time. The reason for this is firstly, to play in an ensemble you have to understand arranging and not just your instrument but everyone else’s too. The harp occupies the same frequencies as the keyboard, guitar and bass but it is not as resonant (loud) and the timbre is soft (it doesn’t have a great deal of attack at all except for the top end). So I have to pick spaces where the music is quieter to play but I also have to be mindful that I am not doing what the piano can (harp and piano music is the same except harp chords are only 4 notes deep in each hand). Firstly because it’s not gracious to dominate the team! Secondly because the piano does what it does better than the harp (chords, string pads on a synthesiser, generally being loud lol ect). Even if the harp is loud, the timbre is so soft that it will either muddy the mix played too much or just make everything else seem loud by doubling everyone else’s notes. Less is more 🙂 So I have to play at times using techniques that everybody wants to hear when they see a harp that are idiosyncratic to the harp and or only the harp can do well, like a Glissando (which the harp does better than the piano) and occupy frequencies that are resonant in the harp (like the higher pitches), that others can’t or don’t have a directive to play when there are spaces in the music, (there’s no point me even bothering to play mid frequencies when the acoustic is playing, the harp gets lost in the mix it’s soo soft). Improvisational harping takes quite a lot of thinking:


My Harping History!!

I write songs for the harp, remember this from 2015!?

I’ve been making some experimental harp music!

I’ve played the Harp for a wedding!

I’ve given a therapeutic harp lesson (read about that here):

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And I’ve played the harp as part of a worship band for various people many times:

I also like to play it for fun!

Well that’s all folks! If you are interested in me harping for you head to my other website: www.ridethefaderproductions.com and drop me an email at catherine@ridethefaderproductions.com


Catherine x

I took another picture of my feet I think this is officially a thing! lol

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Children were toasting marshmallows on this earlier

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GIG ALERT: I’ve got a #gig this #Saturday in #Brentwood | #freelance #musician #harpist #musicteacher

Hey everybody,

I will be playing my harp at Pilgrims Hall on Saturday evening for their 50 Year Celebration. See their website for further details: https://www.pilgrimshall.co.uk/

Pop down this Saturday from 2pm if you want to see what’s going on or if you merely want to see me harp pop down just for the Evening Celebration which is at 7pm!

If you want to book me visit my other website www.ridethefaderproductions.com.

Be there or be square!

SPECIAL EDITION: #HappyBirthdayJesus! – #freelance #musician #harp #Christmas #Christian #Jesus #worshipleader

Hello everybody!

It’s Christmas, the time when we Christians celebrate the birth of our Lord King Jesus Christ!

I hope that everyone has a really great day! Remember I sing and play the harp? Play in the instagram box below or (follow this link):


Merry Christmas!

Catherine x

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#Christmas #party at #church ⛪!

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Hey guys! 

Happy New Year!

What did you get up to on New Year’s Eve?

I decided to start the year as I intended to continue, right where I belong, in church! My church had a joint service on New Year’s Eve with the Brazilian church that rents from us. It started at 22.30 and ran into New Year’s Day, with a bring and share meal at the end. 

The service was bilingual, (English and Portuguese), it was great! 

As the Pastor of Music for our church, I led our worship set and also played my harp in the joint worship set on New Year’s Day. I really enjoyed myself!

Another thing I liked about New Year’s Eve was that I got to collaborate with people from different cultures and musical backgrounds! Experiences like that are incredibly precious and to be cherishe, you never know what you might learn!

Concluding thoughts on my evening? It’s good to be in Gods house! If you don’t know Jesus a your Lord and savior, perhaps make it your New Year’s resolution to find out? I suggest you talk to your Christian friends and make an effort to go to church to see what Jesus is all about! I can personally say that Jesus transforms my life everyday! Try Jesus this year!

Much Love

Catherine x

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Hey guys,

I’m taking a break from making music, to talk to you about the other exciting freelance musical things that I do! If you wish to contact me please visit my Contact Page

One of the great things about freelancing is that you get to choose your own hours and projects. You also get the privilege to diversify and work on things that you are genuinely passionate about! For example, I make harp songs in my own time’ see the embedded player below or click this link to go to my SoundCloud playlist

I love where my freelance work takes me!

I’m often challenging myself, meeting new people, overcoming something, learning something new about myself and the world and of course I’m loving that Jesus is always with me. I know that with Jesus, my journeys are so much more fulfilling.

Holistic Harp Lesson

Last week it was my pleasure to get involved in a project that has been on my heart in the making for some time, something that I have an almighty heart for, a holistic harp lesson. This was, essentially, a music lesson as a means of therapy 🙂

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We went through harp basics which included: a general overview of the harps construction, what the different parts do, how you string it, basic technique, what the music looks like and we even got to play some sheet music as well!

The highlight for me was seeing the look on her face as I taught her to do the one thing that everyone always wants to do on a harp, a glissando of course! Everyone smiles and I mean everrrryone smiles when they get to try that out!

At one point I was asked to give a little demonstration, so I made up a song on the spot. This was fun but challenging because I had two people watching me and one of them was filming me on their phone. I just went with the flow and listened to Jesus!

Concluding thoughts

I love freelancing, as usual I got to meet new people, go somewhere I’ve never been before and challenge myself. I was totally in my element and in the moment, my student was totally positive and it was just great!

It always astounds me how many people, upon hearing me say that I play and own a harp, say that it’s their lifelong dream to be able to play the harp. It’s like no one ever mentions it because they don’t think that they will ever get the opportunity to do so. Well, that day was proof that, if you know me, you may well get to play on a harp someday!

I’ve also realised from this experience that it is important to not just use the skills, equipment and working conditions that Jesus has given us as a means of supporting ourselves but to also use them to contribute towards the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of others, which is one of the most rewarding things you can do with your skills! Trust me.

Lots of love
Catherine x

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-Update 15/09/16-

This piece seems to be doing well on my SoundCloud profile so I decided to reblog this post

Catherine x

Hey Guys!,

I took a well deserved break from doing instrumental covers to let you know about the other things that I’ve been doing! Click the hashtags to find out 🙂 #worshipleader #childrenswork and #singingfromthebible.

Today I give you a Harp and Strings cover of ‘I Will Always Return Soundtrack Version (End Title)’ by Bryan Adams. This song is so touching and from a touching film called Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron, a film which makes me cry lol, anyway, I tried to capture that in this cover. I hope you like it 🙂

Click here to listen to the original or play it in the embedded player below:

Click here to listen to my version or play it in the embedded player below:


Wanna listen to the whole playlist so far? Here you go! Click here to go to the playlist or play it in the embedded player below. Don’t forget to visit my Orchestrations and Arrangements page!


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Lots of love

Catherine Waithe-Arnold x

Wedding Harp Times

On the 9th of May 2015 I had the privilege of playing my Lever Harp at a friends wedding. This is the story of how it came about!

One day in 2014 I decided that I would showcase what I can do and start recording myself on my webcam playing my various instruments and singing too! I thought to myself hmm I have some nice pieces that I have composed on the harp why don’t I share them with the world?

Soo… I got the webcam out, put my laptop on it’s stand, got my desk lamp and shone it at me to provide adequate lighting and upped the backlight on the laptop to provide further lighting then I recorded my first video on my birthday! I was sooooooooo nervous I didnt even smile as all energy was diverted from auxiliary functions like smiling to moving my fingers and anticipating the next chord (lol). That seemed to be well received so I made another one. That’s when the bride got in touch, after seeing me on YouTube!

The bride was a lovely lady I met at the church I went to in Southampton when I was there for 5 years. (The first 3 doing my degree BA (Hons) Popular Music and Record Production at Southampton Solent University, then a year studying under a composer, then the final year was spent doing my Masters in Music Composition at the University of Southampton. Yes there are two universities in Southampton.)

Soo back to the story, the bride then decided to hire me to play as a secret surprise for her husband to be! I was totally thrilled! yay! hehe! lol! SO I DECIDED TO CREATE A SPECIAL SONG JUST FOR THEM. This song took a week of prayer and an hour at the harp to compose 🙂

The wedding went off without a hitch and they even asked me to play during the cutting of the cake! I had an excellent time and learnt a few things that will definitely streamline the harping process next time.

Thank you to all of my friends who put me up, fed me, dressed me (lol) and helped to move my harp around and of course… got married! hehe

I love you all x