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I am in a teaching mode at the moment, so I made a small group resource revolving around critical reflection, this would make a good leadership training resource and also something to help you think when people who aren’t Christians ask you hard questions. There is one with answers on and one blank that you can download and just discuss and write down your thoughts.

This graphic is designed to make you think about your faith and the world around you. What happens and what is the impact on people when we mix certain things in society. It is designed to make you critically reflect upon yourself, the world around you and your faith and faith practices.

P.S. This is best for adults not young children!!!


What is critical reflection?
Critical Reflection has been given many different definitions throughout the years.  Some of these definitions include one from John Dewey (1933) which says that critical reflection is an:

“…active, persistent, and careful consideration of any belief or supposed form of knowledge in the light of the grounds that support it and the further conclusions to which it includes a conscious and voluntary effort to establish belief upon a firm basis of evidence and rationality”.

Another definition has been given by Jack Mezirow (1990) in which he says that critical reflection is:

“…a process of testing the justification or validity of taken-for-granted premises”.

Although there are many definitions they seem to have some things in common.  They seem to all say something about a process of questioning our beliefs, values, and behaviours in order to justify why we do these things the way we do, and what other views or behaviours contrary to our own might be (Colorado Mountain College 2019).

Critical reflection on our Christian practice is more than just ‘thinking about’ or ‘thoughtful’ practice. It is a way of ‘critiquing’ our Christian practice in a systematic and rigorous way – helping us to carefully consider what is good and what could be improved.


Why is critical reflection important?
If we are to create cultures that are more caring, this might require changes in individuals and teams.

A number of models and frameworks are available that can help you to reflect on your experiences. This can be things that have gone well, helping you to understand how you can make this happen more often; or things that haven’t gone so well, helping you to think about how things could be different in the future.

Critical reflection on our Christian practice is a key activity in creating caring cultures because it can enable individuals to develop greater self-awareness by helping them to:

  • Evaluate their current practice
  • Think about what is desirable
  • Consider what is possible
  • Develop new understanding that informs actions (Adapted from Fons 2015).


There is also:

  1. The Need to be a Lifelong Learner – Individuals need to develop their theological/general knowledge and competency to manage new and expanding roles and advances.
  2. The Information Explosion – Become comfortable with the widening evidence base and range of sources that inform Christian practice.
  3. The Issue Of Globalisation – Rapidly changing practice shaped by local and world events.
  4. Increasingly Networked Society – Modern Christian practice requires cooperation and communication with colleagues within and beyond your own profession/faith.
  5. Risk and Audit Society – For Christians, critical reflection contributes to the ability of a Christian to account for their practice within current benchmarks and standards (Adapted from Nottingham University 2019)


There are 12 pages.

Page 2 –
* The Graphic
*Q.1) “Critically reflect upon what happens when we mix these things? THINK

To critically reflect you must see both the positive and the negative things
*Q.2) “Extension Question Can you give any Biblical & non-biblical references to
justify your answers?”
The second question is harder. The idea behind Q.2 is to make you think about wider society, understand that as Christians you live in the world and things have you observed in the world also inform how you think. As a Christian you have to be able to reason and navigate worldly things as well as spiritual matters.

*Q.3.)Why are these things happening?

Q.4.) Discuss: What can we do to change the negatives and grow the positives?

Page 3 – This has the key to help you understand what the different sections mean

Page 4 – 7 – Explanation of Critical Reflection

Page 8 – 11 – Blank worksheets for you to write on. One for what generally happens
Pg. 3 – “What do you think generally happens when we mix these things?”
Pg. 4 – “What is the specific impact on WOMEN/GIRLS when we mix these things?”
Pg. 5. – “What is the specific impact on MEN/BOYS when we mix these things?”

Page 11 – Some suggestions (not exhaustive in the slightest)

Page 12 – Bibliography

Anyway below is the resource you can Follow this link to download) Money Sex Power Christianity Critical Reflection Small Group Resource  enjoy 😉

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section on what YOU THINK happens when we mix certain things, what do YOU THINK happens when Christianity intersects with Money, Sex and or Power?

Money Sex Power Christianity Critical Reflection Small Group 1

Money Sex Power Christianity Critical Reflection Small Group 2.jpgMoney Sex Power Christianity Critical Reflection Small Group 3Money Sex Power Christianity Critical Reflection Small Group 4Money Sex Power Christianity Critical Reflection Small Group 5Money Sex Power Christianity Critical Reflection Small Group 6Money Sex Power Christianity Critical Reflection Small Group 7Money Sex Power Christianity Critical Reflection Small Group 8Money Sex Power Christianity Critical Reflection Small Group 9Money Sex Power Christianity Critical Reflection Small Group 10Money Sex Power Christianity Critical Reflection Small Group 11Money Sex Power Christianity Critical Reflection Small Group 12

Catherine Waithe-Arnold BA (Hons), MMus, PhD Candidate



Colorado Mountain College, ‘Critical reflection’ Colorado Mountain College Web site, at: <http://faculty.coloradomtn.edu/orl/critical_reflection.htm&gt; 7th February 2019

Dewey, J. (1933). How We Think:  A Restatement of the Relation of Reflective Thinking to the Educative Process. Lexington, MA:  Heath.

Foundation of Nursing Studies, 2015. ‘Learning Through Critical Reflection’ Fons Web site, at: <https://www.fons.org/resources/documents/Creating-Caring-Cultures/Critical-Reflection.pdf&gt; 7th February 2019

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MEZIROW J (1990) Fostering Critical Reflection in Adulthood San Francisco: Jossey-Bass

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Hello all,

I thought the New Year would be a good time to draw your attention to me as a professional, so please see my C.V. below:

P.S. You can access this information at any time on my ‘Experience’ page: www.catherinewaithe-arnold.com/experience

Catherine Waithe-Arnold CV pg 1
PAGE 1. – http://www.ridethefaderproductions.com http://www.catherinewaithe-arnold.com catherine@ridethefaderproductions.com
Catherine Waithe-Arnold CV pg 2
PAGE 2 – http://www.ridethefaderproductions.com http://www.catherinewaithe-arnold.com catherine@ridethefaderproductions.com

If there is anything in my CV that interests you feel free to get in contact with me via email at: catherine@ridethefaderproductions.com.

On top of commission work and performing I do instrumental tuition and have some spaces available for new students! I teach: Flute, Clarinet in Bb, Alto Saxophone, Recorder and Lever Harp as well as Songwriting and Orchestration/Arranging. I teach for exams or just for fun! You can come to my house or I can teach you over skype 🙂

See my website for further details: www.ridethefaderproductions.com.

Drop me an email at catherine@ridethefaderproductions.com if you’re interested in lessons or anything else related to my CV.

Kind Regards,

Catherine Waithe-Arnold

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Teachers have to practice too! #freelance #musicteacher

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Hello everybody,

A short one today I’m v. busy. Two days ago I was very tired after doing a lot and praying a lot. So when it came to bedtime prayers I was very tired. (Every morning I pray and read the Bible before getting out of bed and every night I pray and read the Bible before I go to sleep).

So I decided that that night I would try something different as I was exhausted physically and emotionally. I invited Jesus to come and sit on the bed with me and listen to Christian music with me. Music that I wrote actually and just meditated on the lyrics, what they mean, what I can do better, how can I use these, the themes, reflecting on my relationship with Jesus, where we have been and asking Jesus questions.

I found it refreshing just to meditate in Jesus’ presence. The stress just washed off me and I don’t remember when I fell asleep! 

Try it. Put on some Christian music, if you write Christian music and it’s recorded put it on! Invite God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit to come and sit with you, meditate on God, ask Jesus questions and bask in the Holy Spirit.

Much love,



Good afternoon!

Did you know I have a Contact Me page? (Follow this link to my Contact Me page) No? Well… I have a Contact Me page lol (Follow this link to my Contact Me page).

I created it in the event that if you are interested in anything you see on this site you, you have any questions/comments or you wish to hire me (for music tuition, composing/arranging/producing, harping) you can contact me!

No need to be scared, I’ve dropped the form I had and put my email address there instead.

Check it out! (Follow this link to my Contact Me page)


We can also connect through social media:

SoundCloud – Catherine Waithe-Arnold www.soundcloud.com/waithey

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I Have A Gig Friday 28th Jul, 6.30pm @ The Gospel Centre

Hey guys!

I have a gig! Sorry for the lateness I was doing my hair lol.

When: Tomorrow! Friday 28th July 2017

Time: 6.30 pm

Where: The Gospel Centre, Wightman Roadd, Harringay Ladder, London N8 0LT http://gospelcentre.co.uk/how_to_find_us.html

Description: A variety evening featuring poets, soloists and contemporary gospel groups. This follows a week of daily community outreach by the Nserve team from 24th – 30th July. Our aim is to reach the unsaved in our community with a particular focus on encouraging the involvement of young people in reaching out and serving.

Okedokey, I expect to see all of you there!

Catherine x

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Hey guys,

Here is an anecdote about how Jesus is in control, not us. As the Bible says in Proverbs 16:33 [NLT]:

“[33] We may throw the dice, but the LORD determines how they fall.”

As most of you will know, I am a self employed musician. Under that comes many things, including teaching instrumental lessons. 

Now, I recently stopped working at a music school in London and started having students exclusively at my house. Which saves me money. I decided to drop teaching the Sax and Clarinet when I left the music school and just teach the Flute privately because Catherine Waithe-Arnold could teach the Flute alllllllllllllllllll day, the Alto Sax and the Clarinet… not so much lol

Here I am thinking “this is the greatest idea eva!!!” :-P. Yeah… but what does the Bible say about this in Proverbs 14:12 [NLT]?

“[12] There is a path before each person that seems right, but it ends in death.”

Jesus had other plans! 

One day one of my students, flute no less, got lost on the way to my house… Consequently, i had some free time. Not being one to waste time I got on my phone and set about securing some more clients, which I am thankful to Jesus for helping me to do successfully.

I diversified and decided to teach a few more instruments (I teach less instruments than I play). 

The thing that made me chuckle was at the end of the evening who should call? One of my Sax students from the music school. What did they want? Music lessons… lol. 

I was never going to say no, that would be stupid and saying no to potential clients for no good reason is not how you run a business. It’s like Jesus had to take away the thing I was comfortable with to get me to do the thing He wanted me to do, which He knew would benefit me because the other clients I secured were for more money.

Conclusions: I am someone who is guilty of being comfortable, then Jesus has to take me out of my comfort zone in a radical way so I can grow. I’m always glad for it but I regret digging my heels in so often. From the story above we can see that Jesus took away what I, in my humanity, was relying on, in order for me to rely soley on Him. 

God does not like it when we rely on humans for our protection and sucre. We know this  because of scriptures like Jeremiah 17:5-8 [NLT] which says:

“[5] This is what the LORD says: “Cursed are those who put their trust in mere humans, who rely on human strength and turn their hearts away from the LORD. [6] They are like stunted shrubs in the desert, with no hope for the future. They will live in the barren wilderness, in an uninhabited salty land. [7] “But blessed are those who trust in the LORD and have made the LORD their hope and confidence. [8] They are like trees planted along a riverbank, with roots that reach deep into the water. Such trees are not bothered by the heat or worried by long months of drought. Their leaves stay green, and they never stop producing fruit.

We are in a relationship with Jesus and relationships require an element of trust. Don’t be afraid of changes that Jesus is trying to make in your life. Give up and give in to Jesus.

Lots of love

Catherine x

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Hey guys! 

Happy New Year!

What did you get up to on New Year’s Eve?

I decided to start the year as I intended to continue, right where I belong, in church! My church had a joint service on New Year’s Eve with the Brazilian church that rents from us. It started at 22.30 and ran into New Year’s Day, with a bring and share meal at the end. 

The service was bilingual, (English and Portuguese), it was great! 

As the Pastor of Music for our church, I led our worship set and also played my harp in the joint worship set on New Year’s Day. I really enjoyed myself!

Another thing I liked about New Year’s Eve was that I got to collaborate with people from different cultures and musical backgrounds! Experiences like that are incredibly precious and to be cherishe, you never know what you might learn!

Concluding thoughts on my evening? It’s good to be in Gods house! If you don’t know Jesus a your Lord and savior, perhaps make it your New Year’s resolution to find out? I suggest you talk to your Christian friends and make an effort to go to church to see what Jesus is all about! I can personally say that Jesus transforms my life everyday! Try Jesus this year!

Much Love

Catherine x

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Hey guys,

I’m taking a break from making music, to talk to you about the other exciting freelance musical things that I do! If you wish to contact me please visit my Contact Page

One of the great things about freelancing is that you get to choose your own hours and projects. You also get the privilege to diversify and work on things that you are genuinely passionate about! For example, I make harp songs in my own time’ see the embedded player below or click this link to go to my SoundCloud playlist

I love where my freelance work takes me!

I’m often challenging myself, meeting new people, overcoming something, learning something new about myself and the world and of course I’m loving that Jesus is always with me. I know that with Jesus, my journeys are so much more fulfilling.

Holistic Harp Lesson

Last week it was my pleasure to get involved in a project that has been on my heart in the making for some time, something that I have an almighty heart for, a holistic harp lesson. This was, essentially, a music lesson as a means of therapy 🙂

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#freelance #musicteacher www.catherinewaithe-arnold.com

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We went through harp basics which included: a general overview of the harps construction, what the different parts do, how you string it, basic technique, what the music looks like and we even got to play some sheet music as well!

The highlight for me was seeing the look on her face as I taught her to do the one thing that everyone always wants to do on a harp, a glissando of course! Everyone smiles and I mean everrrryone smiles when they get to try that out!

At one point I was asked to give a little demonstration, so I made up a song on the spot. This was fun but challenging because I had two people watching me and one of them was filming me on their phone. I just went with the flow and listened to Jesus!

Concluding thoughts

I love freelancing, as usual I got to meet new people, go somewhere I’ve never been before and challenge myself. I was totally in my element and in the moment, my student was totally positive and it was just great!

It always astounds me how many people, upon hearing me say that I play and own a harp, say that it’s their lifelong dream to be able to play the harp. It’s like no one ever mentions it because they don’t think that they will ever get the opportunity to do so. Well, that day was proof that, if you know me, you may well get to play on a harp someday!

I’ve also realised from this experience that it is important to not just use the skills, equipment and working conditions that Jesus has given us as a means of supporting ourselves but to also use them to contribute towards the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of others, which is one of the most rewarding things you can do with your skills! Trust me.

Lots of love
Catherine x

UPDATED #childrenswork #freelance #musician

-Update  14/09/16 –

I got the pictures from the venue of me actually doing the workshops, please see below.

Hey Guys!

I am a freelance musician and peripatetic music teacher. If you wish to hire me click here to contact me.


One of the things I do is music tuition for children (and adults if they wish to join in hehe).

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My little #flute #student sits in that chair☺

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I also do sound engineering.


Another thing that I do is workshops. [This is a video]


Over this summer I ran a series of workshops for children aged 5-14 at a community centre in North London 🙂


The venue I was at kindly provided drums and percussion toys!!


This meant that sometimes the workshops were very loud so I brought ear plugs to protect the children’s ears!


As I am quite technical as well as artistic my workshops involve learning about music as well as learning about the technology that produces it!


One time I was in a small room.



And then a couple of times I was in a big Sanctuary of a church/community centre. [This is a video]


This summer my workshops culminated in a group Foley project in which the children aged 5-14 produced original sound fx’s and a soundtrack to a 2 min 30 sec clip of Tom and Jerry. [This is a video]


I gave them different tasks, one of them was the Producer, here is a picture of the production schedule she created using the mini-whiteboards I gave them. It looks great and she was only 10!



They did an awesome job and I am very pleased! (I can’t share the copyrighted material online).

Tom &amp; Jerry

The children loved it! 😀


Children’s work is very rewarding! Just look at the smile on my face!


If you would like to hire me to perform, run workshops or provide lessons (individually or in a group) at your venue please feel free to click here contact me! Also, please feel free to visit the other pages of my website to see what else I can do!


Lots of Love

Catherine x

N.B… a selfie between students lol