[Video] I Have Some Disturbing Personal News :(

Hey everyone!

Before we get to the article, earlier this week was my birthday, I went out and I hadn’t left the house for more than 20 minutes when a guy asked me for my number hehe! 😛

I have some disturbing personal news, something that I have been resisting sharing but it’s become serious now. Please see the video below: (btw the picture at the top of this post is just stock photo and not the person I’m talking about but the camera looks similar)

Here is video of a man who walked up to the opposite bank of the stream opposite my house and started to set up his camera right outside my house, when I saw him and we looked face to face, eye to eye, he then started walking away and then started taking pictures somewhere else of the stream. He looks like a man who one time was walking his dog and stood opposite my house watching me through my window, I ducked and then I looked up again and he was still there watching me, he didn’t leave for ages. I’m sure this is the same man. It was after that incident of the first man that the men with cameras started to appear. The man has a camera with a large telephoto lens over his right shoulder:

This is a video of another man who walks around with a camera in my local area and walks around in the nature park opposite my house. He claims that there is a lot of things to photograph in that area, yes there are woods but the two men appeared at the same time, after there was a man who watched me when he was walking his dog. He goes around with his camera practically every afternoon, I know that area, there isn’t years worth of photographic material there. I’m pretty sure he’s up to no good and why does he keep walking past my house, there is a more direct way to get to the nature park, the main entrance is a couple hundred meters away from my house. Only people who live in my estate use the entrance that is near my house because that is for the residents of the estate. It’s a small estate I am aware of many of the residents:

Now I cannot say for sure that the person who photographed me was one of them but I’ve just decided that I need to say something and put these online.

All of you need to stop it. Now.


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