I’ve Decided To Put On A Tiny Bit Of Weight #health #bodyimage #Jesus


Firstly, if you missed my post last week you missed something special! I blogged about God’s plan for the “humble” and less pretty parts of our bodies: http://wp.me/p3VMqU-1JV

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I just wanted to say that I’ve decided to put on a bit of weight, a couple of pounds (I had the space lol) and here’s the reasons why:

  1. I don’t believe in being skinny. I believe in being the correct size for your frame. There is a healthy coverage of fat that we all should have and I felt like I had less than that. With the added weight my BMI is now 19.
  2. I’m already naturally quite slim and I feel like I just didn’t have anything to hold, now my legs are more curvy and there’s just more to me in general, it’s not fatness it’s just a healthy youthful plumpness lol. I still look the same, just filled out a tiny bit more.
  3. I feel like all the exercise I was doing plus the few pounds I’ve put on actually compliment each other because the extra chubbiness is toned, I think it looks nicer.
  4. However, the most important reason why I have decided to allow myself to gain a few pounds has to do with me just accepting myself for who I am, who Jesus made me and what my frame/body shape looks like. I just needed to fill out my frame a little bit more to be healthy.

I hope this post has helped somebody out there

Gotta have something to hold right? 😉

Love Catherine x


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