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Hey Hey Hey!

For those who have been wondering where I’ve been lately I was in hospital!

Basically, I’d been feeling a bit odd lately, so much so that I didn’t even have the strength to blog or do anything fun at all. Then last Friday I collapsed!

I was rushed to A&E, by the time I got to the hospital I couldn’t walk and I was confused and breathless. I had lost over half a stone and I was weeing a lot! I was also dehydrated.

When I got to A&E I was taken to Rhesus, (the place where they resuscitate you). They took an X-Ray and put me on Oxygen, apparently I had less than 60% oxygen in my blood. They tried to get a blood pressure from me but they couldn’t because my blood pressure was so low and my arms were so scrawny.

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My extremities were ice cold because they were actually dead, my heart and brain had taken all the blood out of my extremities to preserve themselves. Furthermore, after X-Rays  and blood tests were done it was found out that my kidneys were dry and one was more dry than the other so I was actually running on only one and a half kidneys.

I was so confused and tired. I had seven drips in because I was so dehydrated. The worst thing was the Catheter, man when that thing was inserted it was incredibly uncomfortable. To make it worse because I was so weak previously I hadn’t shaved for like a month… oh the shame! 😦

Then I was sent to Intensive Care. I couldn’t eat anything I kept on throwing up, feeling nauseous. The doctors were all really friendly, the nurses were cool too! I really liked hte people in Intensive Care they were nice 🙂 I even get a sponge bath from the nurses after I threw up. I pay my taxes which go to the NHS, so that entitles me to at least one free sponge bath!

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As I was Dairy, Wheat and Gluten free I had to bring my own food to the hospital because there was nothing in the kitchen that I could eat, apart from boring roast chicken, diced vegetables and potatoes… On the plus side, I saw a dietician and upon discussion she suggested that I might actually be Lactose intolerant instead of dairy intolerant and advised me to try lactose free products instead. (I’ve been trying milk and I’m super bloated at the moment so I’ll try the lactose free stuff at the next opportunity).

Eventually, I was discharged to a Diabetic ward where I was the youngest person by about 40 years. I was opposite a woman who was 92!!!

The consultant eventually diagnosed me with having had Diabetic ketoacidosis or DKA read about that here. This consequently led to a further diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes (read about that here), I was told by the consultant that for whatever reason my immune system was attacking my Pancreas, this in turn slowly diminished it’s ability to produce Insulin and that it was not my fault that this happened. Type 1 Diabetes is a failure of the immune system, Type 2 is that one that you get if you eat too much sugar.

I was gutted when I heard the news, I cried and I cried and I cried and I cried and I cried and I cried and I cried some more, the tears wouldn’t stop, I wasn’t even making a sound, tears were just running down my face and it wasn’t voluntary. I’m actually surprised that not one of the nurses or doctors or the consultant or the trainee doctors asked me if I was ok.

I’m out of the hospital now and I’m recovering, I still feel quite weak, I’m a tiny bit shaky and my eyesight is still improving. I went to church last Sunday but didn’t lead worship because I’m still quite tired. Moreover, I can’t really play the guitar effectively right now because my fingers are still sore because when I was in the diabetic ward, they checked my blood sugar every hour, which meant they pricked the ends of my fingers once an hour to draw blood to put it in the machine. Consequently, the ends of my fingers went purple and swollen.

Ok, so I’m upset about what happened and the diagnosis but I could have died and even if I didn’t die I could have gotten brain damage. Every time I started to spiral down into depression a friend would call or text me so I believe that Jesus did that to keep me to up beat and focussed! I totally see how Jesus saved me, reflecting on the results of the tests and the advanced stage in which the DKA was, medical staff have been astounded that I’m still alive, I was in the second to last stage before a diabetic coma. Jesus wanted me to live and fight another day and I’m thankful that He saw me through. Clearly, He has something for me to do later on in life that he wants accomplished.

I’m going to fight the good fight. This year in two months I will be 27, the 7th year is always the Jubilee year so this is my Jubilee year, watch this space!


Lot’s of love


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