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Hi guys,

Today was odd. 

I wrote a song click here to listen to it or use the embedded player below:

So today I was supposed to go to Kent for an important meeting (I’ll tell you about this later). I pre booked my tickets to go from station A, went to bed on time got all my stuff ready and pue booked the taxi to go to the station.

Come this morning I’m up at the right time, I manage to sort out the dogs and everything all before 8.30am in the morning!

Then the time for the cab comes and goes. I call them, taxi company A say they are stuck in traffic when I call them. Then things get really close to when my train is going to come and out of desperation I knock at my neighbors house – she’s not in. I then start walking to the station (30-40 min walk away) I was still going to miss my train realistically.

I get a call back from taxi company A saying they are not coming and also no trains are running from station A.

I then stop at a post box and call a taxi from company B asking then to take me to station B. They do and the cab man wisely says 

“There are rail strikes why don’t I stay here you look in the station to see of is closed if it is I’ll rake you home or to another station.”

I agree, I go in the barriers are up and the ticket office is closed.

I then think to myself, if station B is closed that means that Station C, D sms E will also be closed because they are before B on the same line so I can’t go to them either.

So I run back to the taxi and ask them to take me to station B. I’m looking at the rail app and seeing in real time that Station A is closed. I look at station B and in 5 minutes if driving station B closes.

The taxi driver suggested I cancel my meeting. I agree and send the necessary emails and things get rearranged.

I’m now very stressed so I ask the taxi diver to take me to town A where station A is because my favorite coffee shop is there and I needed to sit down with a hot chocolate, with marshmallows and cream, in a  warm corner of said coffee shop with no one bothering me.

Taxi driver drops me off

I go to to the offee shop and have some issues. Someone’s in my favorite seat, they had no soya milk for my soya hot chocolate, they had no gluten free cake. I flirted with the guy no 1 of 2 behind the counter. He ignored me but his colleague guy no 2 of 2  gave me the eyes which made me feel happy! (how am I going to find a husband if I don’t flirt with anyone hmmm?) Anyway, so I decided to just eat normal cake, have a normal hot chocolate and eat a chicken fajitas with cheese. That’s the most carbs in one go I’ve had on a while.

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There were people hogging seats. Seats that could have gone to many people only 2 people were sitting at, it was ridiculous. I still got a seat and people watched whilst I ate 🙂 

My hot chocolate wasn’t hot though..

Anyway, so I eventually left and went to taxi firm C to go home. Whilst in the waiting area, an old Caucasian lady starts talking to me about how much she appreciates ethnic diversity and that people should stop bombing each other. Then a Turkish man comes out of the taxi office and jobs in the conversation. Then the old lady hugged me! I just smiled and nodded as a random person proceeded to touch me…

It is true that town A, due to its proximity to London in quite ethnically diverse, I mean honestly a Turkish man, an elderly Irish lady and a Caribbean young woman were standing having a conversation and not killing each other. That is brilliant and from God. The taxi driver from firm C that is in town A put up the heat in the car because I was cold then took me home.

When I got home I proceeded to do what I love doing. I cleaned the kitchen, played with the dogs, made a smoothie and finished a song and hung out with Jesus.

I shared this story because I wanted you guys to realise that I am human and we are all human, we have or days when things go topsy turvy but just remember hold onto your principles, keep on believing Jesus and let Him take control!

Love Catherine x

P.S. I still love Costa Coffee 😛


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