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Hey Guys!,

Does everyone remember the Chibok school girls who were abducted from Nigeria? Well some of them have been returned, they were married off and some of them have children, they were only 12-13 years old I believe. This was a terrible tragedy and an act of terrorism. You can read about it here: bbc.co.uk

I wrote a song in response to this news, the fact of the matter is that Christians are the most persecuted people group in the world and women are the most persecuted sex in the world. Meaning that it is unsurprising that this happened. All over the world Christians and Women are denied education and persecuted. Charities like Open Doors have information on this: Open Doors. You can also donate to/volunteer for these charities if you feel like that is something you want to do, I donate to another charity. Remember to Gift Aid if you’re a UK tax payer (if you work). 

Watch my song in the embedded player below or click this link.



I know in the West it can be very easy to forget about the suffering and issues going on in the rest of the world but we really need to start paying attention. As mentioned in my previous blog, I work with children and I am a Christian and a woman myself, which is why things like this move me so profoundly. If I can use my art to draw attention to these issues in order to get them addressed, I’m going to do so and encourage other people to do the same!


Lots of love

Catherine x


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