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Hey Guys!

So the other day I got a newsletter from Premier Christian Radio, the largest Christian radio broadcaster in the UK, I have subscribed to their Ignite newsletter!

Now I saw the heading of one of the articles in the newsletter was called 3 New Ways to Pray, this was from their Premier Christianity magazine. It looked interesting, then the moment passed and I decided to not bother.

So, evening came and I’m just about to read the Bible and pray before I go to bed – as I do every evening (and every morning before I get out of bed) and I was holding my phone, getting ready to read the Bible from the Bible app on my phone – as usual. This is where things got interesting! I still had the email open from earlier and I accidentally tapped the link with maybe my palm or my finger I don’t know! The article was by Miranda Threlfall-Holmes, an Anglican vicarI read the article and immediately felt convicted to try out the sketching idea.


“Choose a short passage from the Bible. Take a sheet of paper (A4 is fine, A3 is even better) and fill it with the words. Try to think not so much about writing it out but of drawing each letter or word. Enjoy deciding the best way to lay the words out on the page and what style of writing fits it best. If you want to, illustrate it with doodles. Make the writing hollow (like bubble writing), so that you can first draw the outlines of the words and then colour them in. Use the whole page and decorate every centimetre. Make the words the stars of the show. Alternatively, you could combine the process of writing out the Bible passage with a design from a mindfulness colouring book by adding the words of the passage to the design.

Approach this activity deliberately as a prayer, not just as a decorative activity, and expect the words to become part of you and speak to you.” (Threlfall-Holmes, 3 New Ways To Pray, 2016)

Four things stuck out to me: 1. A4 paper – when I read this I looked over to my printer and I said I have this in abundance around the house! 2. Bubble Writing – This really appealed to me as I used to do this allll the time when I was small at school and I felt like this could be a really fun way to connect with the Bible. 3. – “Make the words the starts of the show” – this whole exercise was about the Bible words! 4. – “Approach this activity deliberately as a prayer” – I purposely made sure that I selected something meaningful from the book I’m currently reading (Joshua), something that I wanted to personally meditate on and something that I felt I could share with other people as well. Moreover, I tried to involve God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit in what I was doing, I spoke the words out loud whilst I was drawing them and meditated on the words whilst drawing and colouring in!

Here’s the result!

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The whole experience was incredibly cathartic, I felt very relaxed and I still felt the tangible presence of God when I was drawing and talking to Jesus about what I was drawing. Also, I still felt like I was communing with God even though I was not doing it in a traditional way.

I totally recommend trying this out for those who are creative and those who aren’t and even for the young!

Another Christian website/charity I find informative is The Christian Institute, they offer a lot of information, particularly on news relating to legal/governmental issues as well.

Lots of love and happy drawing!

Catherine x



Threlfall-Holmes, T., ‘3 New Ways To Pray’, Premier Christianity Website, at <http://www.premierchristianity.com/Past-Issues/2016/October-2016/3-New-Ways-to-Pray&gt; Accessed 28 September 2016


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