What It Is To Burn by #Finch Arr. C. Waithe-Arnold #instrumentalcover #orchestral #freelance #musician #musicteacher

Hey Guys!

I did a new instrumental cover! See the others here on my Orchestrations & Arrangements page.

The song I covered this time round is called ‘What It Is To Burn’ by a band called Finch. I used to listen to this song all the time when I was a teenager. At that age I used to listen to quite a bit of alternative music (I still do now but not as much). I was also in a power metal band (hah hah! yes it’s true! I was rhythm guitar! N.B. the lead singer of Finch also looked a bit like our drummer). Moreover, I wore baggy jeans with chains and those stupid multi-coloured rubber band bracelet things… I do believe that the look was called Grunge?

(Pic 1.) Here’s a picture of me as a teenager then: (This is a picture of an actual picture, that’s what we did back then, took photos with cameras not phones, then took the film to a shop and got it developed lol)
(Pic 2.) Here’s what I look like now: (Fun Fact: The dress I’m wearing in this photo is actually my prom dress from when I was 16. 2 years ago, when that photo was taken, I wore it again. Wow I’m revisiting everything today!)


I still have the same DNA but over time preferences modify as we mature! I think that’s what I’m trying to get at in this post, people change with time and I think the way I covered the song exemplifies this, showing the type of music I USED TO LIKE vs the type of music that I CHOOSE TO MAKE AND LISTEN TO NOW. I still enjoy the song however!

Click here to listen to the original or play it in the embedded player below:


Click here to listen to my instrumental cover or play it in the embedded player below:
Want to listen to the whole instrumental covers playlist? Click here to go to my SoundCloud profile or listen to the playlist in the embedded player below:


Lots of love and leave comments! Maybe even some suggestions of songs you that would like me do instrumentals of?

Catherine x


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