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-Update  14/09/16 –

I got the pictures from the venue of me actually doing the workshops, please see below.

Hey Guys!

I am a freelance musician and peripatetic music teacher. If you wish to hire me click here to contact me.


One of the things I do is music tuition for children (and adults if they wish to join in hehe).

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My little #flute #student sits in that chair☺

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I also do sound engineering.


Another thing that I do is workshops. [This is a video]


Over this summer I ran a series of workshops for children aged 5-14 at a community centre in North London 🙂


The venue I was at kindly provided drums and percussion toys!!


This meant that sometimes the workshops were very loud so I brought ear plugs to protect the children’s ears!


As I am quite technical as well as artistic my workshops involve learning about music as well as learning about the technology that produces it!


One time I was in a small room.



And then a couple of times I was in a big Sanctuary of a church/community centre. [This is a video]


This summer my workshops culminated in a group Foley project in which the children aged 5-14 produced original sound fx’s and a soundtrack to a 2 min 30 sec clip of Tom and Jerry. [This is a video]


I gave them different tasks, one of them was the Producer, here is a picture of the production schedule she created using the mini-whiteboards I gave them. It looks great and she was only 10!



They did an awesome job and I am very pleased! (I can’t share the copyrighted material online).

Tom & Jerry

The children loved it! 😀


Children’s work is very rewarding! Just look at the smile on my face!


If you would like to hire me to perform, run workshops or provide lessons (individually or in a group) at your venue please feel free to click here contact me! Also, please feel free to visit the other pages of my website to see what else I can do!


Lots of Love

Catherine x

N.B… a selfie between students lol


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