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Hey guys!,

One way my church serves our local community is by renting our building’s to other churches. There is a large Brazilian community in our particular corner of London, so we have rented it to a Brazilian church on Saturday evenings  🙂

My Visit To The Brazilian Church

I made an official visit to the Brazilian church, as the Director/Pastor of Music (click here see my previous post about this), along with the Pastor, Prayer Co-ordinator and other members of our church.

It was lovely! It’s amazing how you can connect with Jesus even when you can’t speak the language! I totally felt the power and presence of God in their meeting, even though I was not always sure what was being said. The service was in Spanish and Portuguese. However, at times, I could understand one or two of the words they spoke throughout the service, as English, Portuguese and Spanish share Latin as a common ancestor.

Here’s a clip of the worship!

They were so accommodating! They provided translators, which I was glad of because the message was amazing! The speaker was from America, I think she said she was from Puerto Rico? The speaker spoke on having the mind of Jesus and not indulging in negative thoughts. The speaker also went on to say that when things are going bad you should humble yourself and praise Jesus instead of complaining. In her words “God created your mouth to praise not to complain!”. The speaker also gave the following prayer point:

  • Pray to have the mind and thoughts of Jesus

I think that this is a very profound prayer point and I have decided that I will try to remember to pray that regularly!


A Few Thoughts

I was soo touched to see the church being used in such a productive way and it was also nice to go and be ministered to in worship, sometimes it’s good to take a step back and be ministered to.



Afterwards, they had food! 😀 I could smell it part way through the message *drools*. The food consisted of:

Brazilian sausages, they made the red sauce, it was really nice and the cheese was hard yet crispy not flaky, almost like it had been fried? (sorry about the blur). It was sooooooo nice!

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A few drinks! (non-alcoholic of course lol)

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And some soup! I think this was soup? Either that or that’s what they cooked the sausages in lol.

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A pot of something lol

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Concluding Thoughts

It was an absolute pleasure to fellowship with people from a different culture and I feel like I learned a lot! I will definitely be visiting them again and I am looking forward to seeing how we as a church can continue to work with them and support each other in our various ministries.


Lots of Love

Catherine x



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