Honor By August Arr. C Waithe-Arnold

– Update – 27/06/16

See my Orchestrations & Arrangements page for the score


Hey guys!,

So I made another instrumental version of a song I like. This time I chose ‘Last Chance’ by Honor By August. This song has basically been the anthem for my quarter-life crisis (hah hah!). I also happen to love the song lol. Don’t forget to visit my Orchestrations page for more instrumental arrangements.

I must admit this took me a lot longer than the Owl City arrangement because I decided to try to push the boundaries a bit more and not just orchestrate but radically re-arrange the piece as well. I even changed the tonality a bit. At first I wanted to just make it for a string quartet but then things got a bit out of hand and it ended up being for a full orchestra lol.

As before, I will upload the score once I have double checked it for errors.

Step 1Click here to listen to the original or watch it below.

Step 2Click here to listen to mine or use the embedded player below:

Step 3 – Leave a comment or follow me on social media (mobile users see the footer below)


Lots of love

Catherine x

p.s. I already know what I’m going to do next hehe!


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