A special Flute for beginners!

Hello Everybody!,

I have been wondering how can I help my flute beginners who are very small?

The Flute, otherwise known as the Western Concert Flute, only comes in one size, any bigger and it’s not a Flute it’s an Alto Flute, any smaller and it’s actually a Piccolo lol.

So I talked to my colleague and she suggested that I purchase a “U” Flute or a “U” head joint  for a flute and then rent it out to them which is a very good idea. A “U” Flute or “U” head joint is where the head joint is bent in a “U”shape so the mouthpiece is closer to the keys, which accommodates for children’s tiny arms. I looked on the internet and it sounded amazing but they were quite expensive.

Then I found a Nuvo jFlute, which is basically the same thing but it’s plastic! So it’s lighter (the flute is normally made of metal which, for little children, is quite heavy) and more robust in case they drop it. It’s got a whistle attachment so they can make a sound immediately.

I quite like it, I got the one with the pink detail… 🙂

Catherine x




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