Why I’m Not Designed For City Living


As it was nice weather today I decided to take a walk and take in the leafy surroundings of my home town. Below is a picture of the sun πŸ™‚


It’s getting brighter now which is wonderful! and I am soo looking forward to summer!

I absolutely love taking walks! It is so nice to go just me and Jesus and take in our surroundings. I love fresh air! I love trees! I love grass! and I love the breeze! It’s good for you! and I genuinely think that people are not designed to stay indoors all the time, it simply isn’t healthy!

We make Vitamin D from the sunlight hitting our skin don’t you know (that’s why I think Adam and Eve were naked, the lack of clothes maximised the surface area in which they had to expose to the sun to create Vitamin D, maximising their Vitamin D making potential!)

I totally love the leafy, still, quiet and sleepy nature of my home town , especially the nature reserve (which I will henceforth refer to as ‘the park’). Walking around all I could hear were birds singing, tree’s rusting, the occasional dog barking and the sound of children playing and cycling in the FRESH AIR. In the City, where one of my jobs is based, I struggle for fresh air and even when I am outside there are people smoking left, right and centre, the plethora of cars pollute the air and it’s soo crowded…


My Walk

So, I started my walk by walking over the bridge that connects where the residential area to the nature park, a stream separates the two, hence the need for a bridge hehe. Both sides are leafy and the park kind of merges into the houses. The water was a little muddy as it has been raining lately (see below).


Once I crossed the bridge I walked on the path that overlook the houses, a path that I have happily cycled on many times as a child with my brother and father. The ground was even as usual and the sky was blue πŸ™‚ (see below)


Here’s a picture of the blue sky!



As it was sunny I began to get quite hot! So I decided to take off my jacket and scarf


revealing my new top that I bought two days ago πŸ™‚

I tried to take a selfie in the sunshine but the sun got in my eyes lol so I just had to settle with this one hehe!

“It’s all so green!”, I kept on thinking to myself! Everything looked so beautiful bathed in sunshine :). I even spoke to a few of the people I encountered in the park on my way.

It was at this point (see selfie) that I decided that I would go to my ‘special place’ in the park. My ‘special place’ in the park is somewhere that is past the bird sanctuary, through the marshes and out the other side. It’s wonderful!

I found my ‘special place’ when I was a child on my bike over a decade ago, I remember clearly saying to my father and brother one day when we were out on our bikes “hey why don’t we go down there?” and they said “ok” so we went.

Here’s a picture of the tree’s I have to walk past to get there:



These wood’s lead to the wildlife refuge which is fenced off. It’s fenced off obviously to protect the animals from human foot traffic and other things that people might unwittingly do to disturb the animals.




Here’s a selfie/video I recorded to capture the moment πŸ™‚

Ducks, heh, so I eventually managed to pull myself away from the ducks and continued walking to my special place! I haven’t been to my special place since I was a child! But I can always remember where it is! It’s burned into my memory! A few things have changed though since I was last there like this for example:

20160218_124006I’m sure that that wasn’t there before! Also, I’m not sure what it actually is, it looks like it has been flooded due to the recent rainfall so maybe when the tide is down and we can see more of it then it will be easier to guess what it actually is! I’m assuming that it is some kind of viewing platform to look out onto the lake. That was a nice detour!

After my little detour I resumed going to my special place. This involved walking up the 20160218_124411wooden and mud stairs which looked decidedly aged since the last time I saw them. My suggestion is that you do not hold on to the sides! You go up the stairs, then you go down an incredibly slippery mud path. I couldn’t take pictures at this point because I was too focussed on not trying not to slip! lol

At that point I began to contemplate what my suede boots, pink top and scarf, leather jacket and bag with pretty patterns would look like covered in mud.

Eventually, I got past that perilous muddy area, it is fine when it’s hot and the mud is solid but it had rained recently so it was quite slippery. I am very thankful that I didn’t slip hehe.

Once I was got through the muddy steps area I went through the marsh area, well technically speaking the whole area is marsh but the path after the stairs leads literally through the marshes as seen in the photo below:


A bit more further and then I got to my special place πŸ™‚

My special place is a secluded miniature beach in the middle of a forest/marsh πŸ™‚

I made sure I took lots of pictures!


I even took a panorama.


Everything has grown so much since I was a child, also the tide was higher today then it was when I was a child due to the rain. Normally, there is a beach, (see the lighter area on the water) but today there was nice green grass which was still good!

None of the pictures really make up for actually being there.

Once appropriate selfies, videos and pictures were taken I decided to head back home and do some #freelance work.

After going to my special place outside I felt so much better, being outside in leafy areas make me feel so happy in a way that being outside in the City cannot. Although the City is very close to my heart, the green spaces are even closer. The fresh air and walk did my lungs some good! I love leafy areas and find them relaxing, being constantly surrounded by concrete with an absence of greenery is not for me at all.

My recommendation is that we all try to get outside at least once this summer!

Love Catherine x




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