Pan Flute!

Hey Lovely!,

So another instrument I own but don’t play regularly is the Pan Flute! I got it as a Christmas present from one of my flatmates in Student halls, how thoughtful!

Sooo! I decided to take a picture of it and thought to myself

“Hmm! it looks like it could be some kind of artifact? How about I edit the photo to make it look like it’s a centuries old photo, that has been taken by a famous anthropologist and has now been placed in a, (fictional…lol), museum exhibition on folk instruments from around the world!”

To achieve this look I did the following things to this photo:


  • For a start I took it with quite a bright exposure in a very sunny room against a white background, the light came from the right to the left (I flipped the picture which is why the shadows don’t fall as you would expect them to) – This was handy in making it look like someone had just taken this picture in the field, for archival purposes and not in a studio
  • Changed the White Balance to the more yellow end of the spectrum – the original picture was taken with a light blue tint/hue (my favourite colour is blue!)
  • Upped the exposure, recovery, black point (to get those lovely dark lines and grains to pop!) and increased the brightness again – this was because I was trying to simulate old fashioned cameras and lomo film
  • I then increased the contrast a lot – again to simulate old film and how the picture/paper might have aged. I also upped the saturation and vibrancy a little, just to bright out the different shades of brown in the wood.
  • I brought out the shadows a tiny bit and increased the mid contrast – again I wanted to bring out the different grains in the wood and highlight the lines and even the cracks in the pipes to make the most of the lovely textures! As well as make the instrument look old!
  • I also put a vignette on the picture – again this makes a picture look older and simulates an old fashioned camera.
  • There is also a lot of noise reduction in this picture – I wanted it to look old but not too old but old enough… lol
  • Finally, I had to make the picture sepia tone – nothing says oldness like sepia tone!


  • I then added a few lomo filters with varying levels of intensity – again to make the picture look old!
  • Following that I added simulated lens flare – to simulate the cool effect of light leaking into a retro camera that uses film and how interesting that would look developed on film instead of using a DSLR
  • To finish off the old fashioned look I added a tiny bit of tilt shift – I did this because I noticed in old photos that often around the edges its blurry and I wanted to recreate that!

Let me know what you think of it? Also, CLICK HERE to have a look at the other photos in my gallery as well.

I got this as a Christmas present from one of my flatmates when I was in student halls!
I got this as a Christmas present from one of my flatmates when I was in student halls!

Lots of Love, Hugs and Kisses from Catherine xxx


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