Post-production project

Hey Lovely! Happy ten o’clock! Xxx

So I remembered during my degree I did a post-production project and I thought that I would share it with you! I did this in a group of three in the second year. The brief was: In a group of three find a 15 minute clip of any film and replace ALL the audio with original sounds... and obviously… hand it in on time!

We had loads of fun, I composed some music for it and sourced some music as well. My other team members brought in cool things for us to record like power tools and stones or sourced other library sounds. It was great fun! My favourite part is when he hits his head on the spaceship. We laughed soo much about that part!

I composed some original music for this project and sourced some music as well. I also mixed the project, recorded the sounds, edited the audio and synced the sounds to the video as well, all in Pro Tools HD. We had so much fun in the studio with drills, bags, our voices and even my fingernails on a table! I thank Jesus for giving me the opportunity to undertake this kind of project.

Catherine x


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