Uploaded my dissertation!

Helooo Lovely 🙂

I just thought well umm my dissertation for my degree BA (Hons) Popular Music and Record Production —–> HERE (just scroll down to where it says dissertation) well it’s just sitting there not doing anything sooo I decided to scan it in and post it on my blog hehe!

“This dissertation focusses on how film music communicates meaning by looking at the development of film music across the years, the general functions of film music and the semiotic nature of music. The first chapter discusses the function of film music. Other topics covered here include: the persons involved in the post-production process, early film music history and discussion on the development of film music. The second chapter builds upon the knowledge of the first chapter by looking at the semiotic nature of music. This chapter also discusses the development of semiotics from linguistics and issues that arise from analysing music semiotically. The final chapter takes the theories discussed from the first two chapters and applies them, using a scene from the film The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (2008) as a case study. The conclusion argues that there has been a convergence of styles and techniques in film music over the years. This breaking down of barries has allowed filmmakers to communicate meaning through music, more faithfully.”

So if this sounds like something you are interested in or you just really love the Chronicles of Narnia as much as I do have a read! I rather helpfully added the bibliographic citation of my dissertation in short-title form as well, in case you wanted to quote it. However, do double check with your tutor/lecturer first to see if they are happy with you quoting from unpublished work. I did get a First so if anything it could perhaps be a springboard for your research?

Leave me a comment if you like it!

Catherine X


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