My Website Has A Fresh New Look!

Hey guys, so it’s a new year and I decided I really needed to update my website…So I did lol

New things include:

  • General update of the look and feel of the site and renamed pages
  • More content on the Music page and more to come! I’ve put all those lovely Harp videos from Facebook up in an organised fashion. The videos are viewable either on here or on FB
  • Updated the template and header image hehe!
  • Updated my Experience page which includes copies of my CV (on a Desktop PC, clicking on my CV link will open a new window where you can scroll through the PDF instead of having to download it…nifty!)
  • BUTTONS!!!! and links for the other social media platforms I am on: LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud and Facebook (mobile and tablet users see the footer on any page to connect with me on other social media platforms)
  • Lastly, I actually wrote HTML in parts :O !! check out the internal anchors on the Music page 😀

I hope you enjoy the revamp and if you could proof read it/check links work that would be marvellous (…heh crowd sourcing my spell checking)



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